Person Centred Approach

Your Life Your Choice person centred approach is a resource to assist in the promotion, communication and delivery of person centred approached.

The approach is:

  • Promote client participation
  • Promote a consistent approach to the adoption and implementation of person-centred values
  • Provide a consistent approach to Your Life Your Choice person centred policy and documentation
  • Build staff confidence in person centred approaches
  • Enhance and build on existing work in person centred approaches
  • Provide clear definitions about what is expected in Your Life Your Choice in relation centred practice across all key area of work in disability services
  • Provide direction on targets for person centred approaches and suitable implementation strategies
  • Provide Your Life Your Choice person centred principles to drive the practice
  • Reflect best practice and industry standards
  • Describe appropriate person-centred tools and resources
  • Identify systems and structures to support practice development and professional development
  • Establish the governance approach to facilitate national strategies, showcase innovation and creativity, endorse person centred strategies, tools and resources and reporting mechanisms
  • Promote continuous improvement

Complementing the Pillars of practice framework, the Disability Services Person centred Practice Approach sits within the suite of Your Life Your Choice strategic documents, and provides fundamental information for:

Clients, families and communities – about   what they can expect from Your Life Your Choice when they receive services and supports